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Jack Wills TV Campaign for Fernandez Assoc

Innovative Media just completed a series of commercials for one of our favorite clients, Fernandez Assoc. Fernandez Assoc. is a full-service agency located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Earlier this year they came to us with a concept for a series of television commercials. The concept was to differentiate Jack Wills outdoor furniture and grills from those offered at the "Big Box" stores.

Each spot opened up on a close-up of a "Big Box" store employee's name tag. Over their shoulder you would see the warehouse store behind them.

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Of course, shooting in a warehouse store was out of the question. Instead, we used a green screen technique. We placed the actors in front of a green background. Then, in the editing process we replaced that green with an image of a warehouse store.

This project also marked a first for us. We shot these spots with a new DSLR camera. The Canon 5D MarkII is a digital still camera that shoots beautiful HD footage as well.

The footage shot with this camera was spectacular! It looks like it was shot on film. We anticipate that we will be shooting with this system a great deal more in the future.

Check out the spots below.
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