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Microsoft Tag Barcode
TAG! You're It!

Innovative Media recently completed an exciting new project for local phone directory powerhouse Home Town Directories, Inc.

On the surface this project seemed pretty ordinary: Produce a one-minute highlight video of a Collinsville High School football game. But this was no ordinary project. This video will be used to promote a new technology being employed by Home Town Directories. It's called "Tag"

Tag is a new mobile application created by Microsoft that gives you almost instant access to information, videos, websites, and more, directly on your mobile phone.
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Microsoft Tag connects almost anything in the real world to information, entertainment, and interactive experiences on your mobile phone. Tags are a new kind of bar code that can be displayed almost anywhere. You can ad a tag to your ads, posters, product packaging, flyers, emails, or on your website. The possibilities are endless.

Simply aim your mobile phone's camera at a Tag and the Tag reader will automatically open a website, play a video, or display a message.

Home Town Directories is offering the Tag service to their customers allowing them to augment their directory advertisment by posting videos or other information.

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Check out this new technology by installing the Tag application on your mobile phone and scanning the barcode above. This barcode will show you the video we produced for the Collinsville Home Town Directory.

Click here to download the Microsoft Tag application.

To find out more information on Home Town Directories,
call (918) 610-0722 or visit their web site at
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